One of the most popular hardwood flooring installation methods is the tongue and groove method. This method of installing hardwood floors has been used for centuries and is still one of the preferred methods for installing hardwood floors. So, what is tongue and groove flooring, and where did it come from?

What is tongue and groove flooring

Tongue and groove flooring is easy to install and will allow your floors room to breathe.

The Beginning of Hardwood Flooring

Back in the frontier days, plank hardwood floors were the only hardwood floors around. Although these big slabs of solid wood were gorgeous, the method of installation left a little to be desired. The nail down method left floors rough and uneven. But in the 1800s, when the mass production of hardwood flooring was set in motion, a new method of installation was invented. The tongue and groove planks were an efficient way to ensure a durable installation, and a smooth, even walking surface.

Tongue and groove flooring revolutionized the flooring industry

Every industry is looking for ways to be innovative and more efficient. When manufacturers started mass-producing hardwood for flooring in the 1800s, they came up with a way to eliminate the use of nails. The tongue and groove interlocking method would make hardwood floor installation much more simple and efficient. And now, every piece of wood would fit together!

Shrinking, warping, and cupping

T&G Hardwood Flooring ShowroomThe simple tongue and groove design created a durable installation technique. Each board would be snugly fitted with the next for a smooth installation. Tongue and groove would also hide the tiny gaps in between planks for a better overall visual. And the tongue and groove interlocking mechanism would still allow for each board to breathe, avoiding shrinking, warping, and cupping.

Tongue and Groove Flooring in Colorado

T&G Flooring has been installing hardwood floors in Colorado for over 25 years. We do every type of installation, helping you choose the right installation method for your project. However, the tongue and groove method is by far the most preferred method of all.

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