When homeowners choose wood for hardwood floors, there’s one thing that many overlook, and that’s the hardwood flooring trim. Hardwood flooring trim is both functional and decorative, so be sure to talk to your contractor about the right trim to complete your hardwood floors.

Types of hardwood flooring trim

T-moldings and thresholds are perfect for transitioning between rooms.

Choosing a trim for your hardwood floors

When you pick out a trim, you want to try to match the wood, the texture, and the color as best as possible for smooth transitions, unless you are going for a deliberate dramatic effect where you choose a contrasting trim to offset the rest of your floors. It can make a nice graphic design that is perfect for a modern home.

Where to use trim

Trim works to cover edges of hardwood flooring when they meet the wall or the doorway or line up to hardwood floors in an adjoining room. However, they can also be used to make smooth transitions between two floors that aren’t of equal height, and protect the nose of your stairs. The trim is used to transition from one floor to another, or one room to another, or where the floor meets the wall.

Types of wood flooring trim

Hardwood flooring trim

Protect your stairs with stair nose trim.

When you are looking at trim you’ll be looking at thresholds, T-moldings, quarter rounds, and stair noses. Quarter rounds are a delicate and sophisticated way to transition your hardwood floors as they meet the wall. You can use just a quarter round piece or you can extend it with a wall base, which is an additional piece that sits against the wall, on top of the quarter round. Typically thresholds and t-moldings are reserved for doorways, but you may also use them against fireplaces, or built in cabinets or from one type of flooring to another, like transitioning from a dining room with wood floors, into a kitchen with tile or laminate. Trim on the nose of your stairs can help protect the part of your stairs that sees the most foot traffic.

Hardwood flooring contractors in Denver

We want to make sure that you understand all the things that go into installing beautiful hardwood floors. We want you to feel good about your flooring project from start to finish, from choosing the wood, the stain, and the finish, to picking the right trim to complete your vision. If you want to talk to an expert about your hardwood flooring trim options, schedule a free consultation.