Wooden wall and ceiling treatments can be just what your home need to give it that classic Colorado cowboy charm. With a little imagination and the right type of wood, you can create works of art that range from rustic to chic, all depending on your personal style.

You don’t need solid hardwood floors to give your home a little rustic charm. There are so many types of wood materials to create a unique piece of wall art or simply turn the hardwood flooring trend upside down and put your wood on the ceiling.

Wood wall and ceiling treatments in Colorado

Using wood wall treatments can give your study some warmth and character.

Wood wall and ceiling treatments for your Colorado home

Wooden wall and ceiling treatments can give a modern home some old-timey charm, or it can make your home unique and chic by using sanded down wood with a soft even texture. You can get quirky and bohemian, mixing species and colors. Using reclaimed wood pallets is the perfect way to get a vintage feel, or to express a carefree spirit.

Mix wood species to express your personal style

Using a variety of finishes and wood stains, you can make your wood lighter or darker depending on the decor. For the antique, aged, cabin look a darker stain would be preferable. But for a more modern touch, you can go white or grey, or even jet black. Look at the rest of the decor in the room to best decide on the most complimentary wall treatment.

Creating art with wood wall treatments in Denver Metropolitan Area

Create unique works of art using mixed species or reclaimed wood wall treatments instead of boring old paint and wallpaper.

Wooden wall treatments for your bedroom

Using wall treatments in your bedroom can do miracles to a boring old box spring bed. If your budget doesn’t allow for you to get the antique wooden bed frame that you’ve always dreamed of, create your own one-of-a-kind headboard to accent your bed by getting a wooden wall treatment.

Only your imagination can limit what you can do. So, when you look around your home trying to come up with ways to spruce it up for spring, stop by one of our showrooms and check out our options for wall and ceiling treatment.

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