When it comes to the walls of our homes, we tend to stick to the usual wallpaper. However, a wood wall treatment can add character, warmth, and natural beauty to them, and, if used right, it can be just the thing you need to complete your interior design.

A wood wall treatment can even be a piece of art, so be sure to choose wisely before purchasing and to consider the type of wood, the style, and the texture.

Using wood wall treatments

Use cedar rustic wall treatment for a weathered, reclaimed look.

Types of Wall Treatments

A wall treatment, if used correctly, can make a statement in any room; even in the kitchen and the bath. Wood wall treatments can be used to add a bit of drama and character to a place, bringing in a new texture, color, and helping you personalize your space.

Wood Backsplash in the Kitchen

Instead of the classic tile backsplashes in a kitchen, use a wood wall treatment. They can blend with just about any style of kitchen, depending on the type of wood and design. A wall treatment can even help you play with texture and doesn’t have to be entirely flat.

Wood Wall Treatments as Art

Wood wall treatments for Colorado homes

Use reclaimed palate wood wall treatments to create a piece of art in any room.

Finding interesting wood with unique characteristics, or using reclaimed palate wood for a decorative wood wall treatment can take a modern home and add a little bit of country warmth.

The wall treatment can be a statement piece, it can cover the entire wall, or it can be used in small areas. Play with colors and installation to make a beautiful art piece in any room.

Wood Wall Treatments in Colorado

At T&G Flooring in Denver and Evergreen, we’ve got wood wall treatments to help you personalize any room in the home. We’ve got our own line of cedar rustic wall treatments for a reclaimed weathered look, or we have a cedar smooth wall treatment to go with a more modern design. We also have an alder wood wall treatment that is super sophisticated and very reasonably priced.

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