Wood flooring can make any home feel warm and cozy, so why not wrap your entire house in wood like a big comfortable blanket? Wood wall and ceiling treatments should enhance the natural beauty of your home, accentuating the architecture and interior design.

Design ideas for wood wall treatments

Using lighter wood wall treatments will brighten and modernize your home office.

Wood treatment interior design ideas

Besides being an inviting material, whether on your floors, your walls, or your ceiling, having dark wood treatments in your home can create a powerful effect. However, there are a few areas in the home where wood paneling is a perfect option. Having wood treatments on the walls and ceiling is a classic choice in home offices, libraries, and even your living room or bedroom.

Wood treatments for the home office

In a home office, dark wood wall and ceiling treatments are a nod to old-school sophistication. Match the paneling with bold furniture in the same shade, and you will have a compelling home office.

You can also modernize your office with light wood treatments. Lighter wood will brighten and lighten the atmosphere. Depending on how intimidating you want your office to be for future clients and investors, the shade of your wood treatment will help you get the message across. Although the golden or blonde wood paneling is a little less intimidating, they are still classy and impressive.

Blending elegance and comfort in every room

With every design choice, you are looking for the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. If you have exposed wood in your home, like ceiling or wall beams, wood treatments can help bring cohesion to your home, without making it too dark and stuffy. You can play with texture and types of wood so that you are still bringing light into your home while staying true to the natural aesthetics of your Colorado country home.

Interior design with wood wall treatments

Choose wood wall treatments that will enhance the style of your home.

Complimenting your interior style

Make sure that you choose wood treatments that are complementary to your floors and the existing furniture. If you already have dark floors and dark wood furniture, choosing just one wall to add paneling can make a bold statement and make the room visually interesting. Then, you can add touches of light with curtains, wallpaper, or paint on the rest of the walls so that the room isn’t too dark and gloomy.

You always want to have just the right mixture of light and dark elements to create cohesion in the home.

Wood paneling retailer in Colorado

Wood paneling is incredibly versatile, and it can add a sense of luxury to a welcoming home. Work with a hardwood flooring and wood paneling craftsman to make the right choice for your home. 

Schedule a free consultation and see how wood paneling can elevate your home, bringing style, comfort, and charm.